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Apartments in guruvayoor
Apartments in guruvayoor

RVM Kalpaka has a reputation among the flat and apartment developers of the Guruvayoor temple town for bringing people and business together. Founded in 1977, the company is renowed for crossing new milestones with each apartment project. our remarkable track record and our ability to create contemporary living space and premium lifestyle bestowed on us the little of the builder of the temple town.

RVM Kalpaka Builders and Developers Pvt Ltd.

Holding the distinction of being the heart and the main artery of Guruvayur, Inner Ring Road is commercially the most significant area around the Temple, emanates an aura of devotion. Positioned in this bustling central hub of Guruvayur, based on aesthetically pleasing designs and having a soothing temple side environment, Kalpaka Le Divine apartments will enthral you with its premium living spaces. Kalpaka Le Divine, an aptly designed ambience oriented apartment, flat project extends to you a varied choice for staying and earning wih Studio,1 & 2BHK apartments on avail. Kalpaka Le Divine apartments and flats is once in a life time opportunity to stay in the abode of Lord Guruvayurappa chanting Krishna Mantras while guaranteeing yourself a reliable income.

Flats in guruvayoor
Our Clients

what They Say- about apartments and flats in guruvayoor, guruvayur

rvm Kalpaka Builders was allowing us to personalize and create a for our family. They provide a positive energy in my new apartment.

Aneesh Menon

Kalpaka team exceeds my expectations. They understood our requirements and help to dream flat Thanks...kalpaka team

Dileep Kumar

Kalapaka provides us to enjoy Guruvayoorappa presents near my apartment. Specially thanks for that, Kalpaka

Remya sudheesh

I'm one of the proud customers of rvm Kalpaka. I recently booked a flat and I feel blessings of Guruvayoorappa, because Guruvayoor temple closed with my new flat. I really thanks to rvm kalpaka.

Sarath C Raghavan

Kalpaka offering apartments for the decent prices in Guruvayoor and I recommend Kalpaka team for their quality services they are providing.

Reshma Retheesh
Flats in guruvayoor
Flats in guruvayoor
Flats in guruvayur
Flats in guruvayur
Flats in guruvayur

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Apartment Luxury Interior Guruvayoor(Guruvayur)

Apartments in guruvayoor
apartments in guruvayur
apartments in guruvayur
apartments in guruvayur

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New Project Launch - Kalpaka Le Divine Hotel Apartments at Inner Ring Road Guruvayur

RVM Kalpaka wishes you A very happy onam !

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Golden opportunity to invest in growing temple town...

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Apartments in guruvayoor

Apartments in guruvayur

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Apartments in thrissur

Flats in guruvayoor

Flats in guruvayur

Flats in ponnani

Flats in chavakkad

Flats in kunnamkulam

Flats in thrissur

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Flats for sale in guruvayur

Flats for sale in ponnani

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1 BHK Flats in guruvayur

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1 BHK Flats in chavakkad

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2 BHK Flats in guruvayur

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3 BHK Flats in chavakkad

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1 BHK apartment in guruvayur

1 BHK apartment in ponnani

1 BHK apartment in chavakkad

1 BHK apartment in kunnamkulam

1 BHK apartment in thrissur

2 BHK apartment in guruvayoor

2 BHK apartment in guruvayur

2 BHK apartment in ponnani

2 BHK apartment in chavakkad

2 BHK apartment in kunnamkulam

2 BHK apartment in thrissur

3 BHK apartment in guruvayoor

3 BHK apartment in guruvayur

3 BHK apartment in ponnani

3 BHK apartment in chavakkad

3 BHK apartment in kunnamkulam

3 BHK apartment in thrissur